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This weeks blog finds me in a "eh cannae be bathered writing this blog" sort of mood. BUT I'm making myself do it in the hope that the persevering attitude bleeds into other aspects of my life. You may notice this is being published on a Monday rather than a Tuesday and that is because I scheduled actual time off for once and even when I made it so that on Monday there was literally nothing I had to do I was the most stressed out I'd been all week because I wasn't doing anything. Sometimes you can't win. It is what it is. All we can do is pick ourselves up and start again.

On a much more positive note however last week I did a 5 day Self-Tape workshop with Orla O'Connor at the same time as starting the 21 day self tape challenge. I cannot recommend both of these things enough.

The 21 day challenge is really firing my brain up again and has me learning lines every single day, thinking creatively, allowing me to be a bit daft and also gives you the chance to see how about 49 other actors interpret the same piece of text

The 5 day workshop is similar to the 21 days in that each day a much smaller group of actors are sent the same new piece of text and have 24hours to produce their selctape and then get feedback from Orla. It was different in that it focused purely on the professional standards expected from actors by casting directors. The framing, costume, props, lines, character choices, etc. Extremely useful stuff.

Anyways, look after yourself. Some times things are just pish but then another day will come that is less pish. In the mean time, do something fun and manageable to keep your creative muscles working. You don't have to write King Lear. Start we a haiku and see where it goes fae there.


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