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ALL WORK and NO PAY makes Jade something, something...

WEEK THREE and the one thing I said I wouldn't do (which was set aside Ghost Dad and Co for another project) I have done. I was just getting into a real positive flow with G.D.'s hijinks when a new opportunity reared its head in the distance glittering with possibility. My first instinct was to ignore it because it was scary and I'm not ready for that just yet. Then I thought it over and decided if I never tried to do something new and scary then I'd never get to the stage where I'd feel ready to do it. The worst thing that can happen is failure and then I'm free to crack on with my own thing once more. So my notebooks for my wee trilogy of plays got punted to the bottom of my desk pile that came into being at some point and I started looking at the scary new thing (made less scary by finding a collaborator).

AND THATS NOT ALL! I shall also be back running youth classes at two local theatres, rejoining the wonderful folk at Stand Easy AND working with a fine local institute to create greater support and opportunities for graduates old and new.

All of these things are wonderful and I am very grateful for them and cannot wait to get stuck in. However for all of the above things there is a lot of work that must come before hand, be that meetings (which can last hours), lots of emails, learning how to use new platforms for delivering work and SO. MUCH. RESEARCH. None of which I am currently being paid for (and for some of the things, like Ghost Dad & Friends, I will never be paid for) and that is the hardest part because at the end of the day I am so exhausted but I don't have that wee "but at least that's another bill covered" feeling that I had when I worked retail. But still I crack on because I do love it but its not gonna be so easy for everyone. I'm in the fortunate position right now that if I don't bring in any money this month our bills will still be covered and we will still have food in the cupboards because I have a very supportive and understanding partner who is willing to sacrifice some of the wee luxuries we could afford if I had a regular income. I guess the point I'm trying to highlight is, that when training, we are told that work won't just be handed to us and if there is no work out there then we should make it ourself. Which is fantastic but the reality is you are either gonna be severely lacking in money or time and depending on your circumstances it will most likely be both! So yes, go forth and make work but be realistic about your circumstances and adjust accordingly to keep yourself physically and mentally fit. That project you thought you could fire out in a couple of months may actually take a couple of years and that's okay. Take care of you!


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