Be Kind. Rewind.

Today when I remembered I had to update this blog I was full of dread because all I could think was that I did absolutely bugger all with my week since my last post. BUT!!! I looked over my notes for last week (I've started taking notes of what I do each day in my diary) and I've done so much; meetings, making new connections with local artists, planning, starting the ball rolling on various new projects as well as finding the time for myself to exercise and read and be a parent. Which made me really reflect on how little value I give to all the work that comes before the more glamorous "rehearsal and performance period". I've spent hours working away, Monday through Friday in various different ways and my mind has boiled all that effort down to how much I've actually got down on paper and thrown the rest of the weeks efforts out the window like it was irrelevant to the end product and then I spent the weekend beating myself up about it and feeling guilty for being away from the desk. It is not healthy and had I not written anything down in my diary, and read over it for the purposes of this blog then I would have been completely unaware that I was doing that to myself.

So I guess I'm glad I've decided to write this blog, even if no one reads it, as it's allowing me to take a second to rewind and reflect not only on how much I'm actually achieving but how I'm treating myself in the process.


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