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R.E.C.O.N.N.E.C.T. find out what it means to me!

The big theme for todays blog and my past week is RECONNECT. After a bumpy start to the week with last minute cancelations and rescheduling things really started to take off.

I managed to reconnect with myself not just through daily yoga but also through my salon. My hair is looking grand, my brows are under control and my lockdown moustache and neck beard combo are no more.

Around midweek I received the news that the proposal for the project that I had paused Ghostdad for was rejected. But I took this as a moment to reconnect with my island in Animal Crossing.

This week also saw me getting back into things with Rep Engage and the wonderful members of The Beautiful People which in turn gave me a chance to reconnect with the fabulous Amanda.

On a whim I booked myself onto a 5-day self tape course with Orla O'Connor and was then selected from a pool of actors for a "pay what you can" space on a 21-day self tape challenge that started at the exact same time. It's a lot to manage along with my usual day to day but I am one day in and its been fab. I've been able to reconnect with my performer side and flex some muscles that have been dormant far to long as well as meeting loads of other actors from all over the world!

BUT the biggest and best thing has to be the fact that I got to reconnect with a whole bunch of graduates from the performing arts courses at Dundee & Angus College as we begin to get the ball rolling on what promises to be a very exciting series of projects to bring new life to the theatre scene in Dundee.



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