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Sleep. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

I have never been more grateful for my past self than I have been this week. Knowing fine well that it was going to be a tough week I took meticulous notes on what I did each day so that it looked like a mountain of work was achieved when in fact I was asleep for 70% of it. But I think it goes to show that projects of any size are usually made up of loads of tiny wee jobs that we should recognise and congratulate ourselves for instead of just brushing them off because the tiny jobs are just as important as the big ones.

On top of learning how to give myself credit for all the work I do I have also taken my mental health more seriously. My first week back on my meds went well (despite the extreme tiredness and increase in appetite) meaning that I could then double my dose and see how it fairs. I pretty much slept the whole weekend because of it but today I'm feeling grand. I have noticed now that when I come to the "edge" where I would usually fall off and have a wee break down there is now a wee barrier that just punts me gently in the other direction and I crack on with my day. This may entirely be a placebo effect but it's working and I'm not about to start pulling at threads.

The main thing to come out of last week however is the acceptance that I can't control everything and that sitting in the present thinking about all the things I have to do in the near future isn't going to get them done any sooner. It's just going to mentally drain me and take over what little down time I have.

This latest epiphany was thanks to Brian O'Sullivan and his podcast Putting It Together . I listen to an episode at least once a day and it is just packed full of great advice and inspiration and is just a fantastic tour of some of the incredible folk in the Scottish Theatre scene. But don't skip past Brian's intros, thats where the gold is!

All in all I'm feeling grand and I hope you all are too.


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